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bY uSiNg tHIs sIte yOU aGReE tO A loT oF bULlShIt

On a more serious note, I won't do anything with your data. I'm a privacy geek myself, so why would I sell your data? I don't even know how to. However, as stated above, CloudFlare does inject some trackers and I believe Google Fonts also does some shady shit. So, be sure to:

  1. Use a privacy extension, like
  2. In case you're using Google Chrome, stop using it; instead, use Chromium
  3. Use an up-to-date browser (like the one stated above)


You can reach out to me in one of the following ways:

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In case you decide to contact me for some reason, please tell me that you found me via my website! That, as well as providing feedback about my site, really helps me out.